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Headers, Precedence, and Trust
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14.6 Trusted User

A trusted user is one who has three privileges that most users don't have:

Trusted users are declared in the configuration file in two ways:

T user1 user2 ....
Ct user1 user2 ....

The first line is the old form of declaration, and the second is the new form (beginning with V8.7 sendmail) form. The two are equivalent, but the second is recommended. In the latter form, names of users are added to the class t.

Trusted users are declared in the file like this:

Ct root daemon

We list root because some root-run programs need to send mail under the identity of other users. We list daemon for the same reasons and because most long-running background processes are owned by the user daemon. If your local machine is set up to receive UUCP mail, you need to add uucp to this list.

Once you add trusted users to the file, you are almost ready to use that file as the official configuration file.

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